Blacks and multiracial youth revolts and National Guard withdraw

(Rome, 10th June 2020)

After huge wave of Sunday protests Trump told he is going to decide National Guard withdraw from Washington DC. But too much cities are still under martial law dispositions.

This is clearly a first success of the “afro americans” struggle of these days.

The black movement, supported by many white boys and girls, with the solidarity of “ispanic people”, so a vast part of “non black” exploited masses got the streets, pushback military repression enforcing this unity achieved this temporarily success.

The brave and capacity to do not step back in front of the police and to the curfew of the “black” and “white” exploited youth, it created also first moments where it has been showed up this systemic racist system (based on the politic, economy rules, social relationship, its institutions of the State: the Courts, FBI, Police Departments and National Guard troops) is not a monolithic invincible monster. We saw this struggle brave put some little cracks with the police and inside the National Guard troops.

But it is not enough to defeat this systemic racist system, that oppresses “black people” twice and also white people that lives only of their hard work.

Another success it is this movement has been able to catch up and to unify these white workers in a common sentiment.

Because the worst side effect of the systemic racism is to divide workers between white and black, white and ispanic, American workers and immigrants.

Now some “friends” are appealing you to consolidate these beginning successes looking towards, looking to a path of some democratic reforms, participating to the vote.

They will tell you soon that to convince moderate middle classes and also “moderate” workers, also your struggle would be “moderate”, “that’s time to return at home, leave the streets and let that vote process goes on”.
Be careful to these “friends”.

Indeed, when you did not take care about “moderate” tactics, you saw public transportation workers (white workers, black workers, and all of colors) refused to work and to support the police and they went on strike.…/seattle-mayor-police-chief…/…

(Rome, 10th June 2020)


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