The myth and the veil of South Africa anti apartheid democracy is cracking down

South Africa protests began when former President Jacob Zuma has been condemned guilty by Suprem Court for corruption and imprisoned in jail the 29th June.

Zuma was the first Zulu South Africa president. Few days later Zuma’s supporters initiated protests from Guateng and KwaZulu-Natal past Monday. Guateng and KwaZulu-Natal are blacks poor ghetto lands around Johannesburg and Durban cities.

What initially seemed a political protest of Zuma’s followers, a chain of corporative interests of the emerging Zulu’s middle class and Zulu’s oppressed proletarians without any stock, it soon and immediately became a spontaneous ungovernable mass revolt of exploited and oppressed black south africans.

A general and massive insurgence spread across Durban and Johannesburg cities. The police forces have been overwhelmed by mass riots and looting of poor people. Cyril Ramaphosa the current South Africa president, got the country leadership upon Zuma’s arrest, ordedered army forces deployment in the cities.

Ramaphosa was ANC president until 2017. He was an union leader but it became in the latest decade years a businessman.
Zuma and Ramaphosa were anti apartheid ANC militants both. But quickly they moved far from real needs of black oppressed proletarians when apartheid regime ended.

More than 80 people have been killed during riots and looting by shot of police and army forces. Some paid militias are involved to the repression in the street and acting as death squads into the poor black townships. Shops owners are armed.

The situation is still ungovernable. People stoles food commodities, electronical items, TV and radios, shoes, jeans and any kind of clothes, mattresses for the beds, drinking water. Bank Agencies and other Businesses are vandalized and burned by the proletariat anger.

People says due others are looting he/she does looting as well, because otherwise nothing remains available. So everyone does not have nothing is pushing a general domino reaction.

A political protest amid different ANC wings have been overwhelmed by an economic mass struggle of proletarians that have few things or nothing to reproduce safely their lives.

The anti apartheid years are far from the new young proletariat and the anti apartheid fight is more far from their needs to resolve poverty, oppression while living conditions are degrading more and more every year and every day.

The mass insurgency is also targeting India communities are living in South Africa. India citizenship in South Africa was born from England colonialism imposed India people immigration to work for Crown rail train construction in South Africa at the beginning of XX century. Due to the apartheid end this Indian community like other colored had chances to their middle classes to emerge owing medium business. By the way Zuma’s allegations for corruption includes many not legal trade with India citizens businessmen invested in South Africa directly from India and propaganda mystification about xenophobia episodes during riots hides the real truth of the general unrest: private properties are attacked.

A deep capitalist general crisis is deepening across all world and it is removing the veil of democratic and progressive false emancipation of exploited racial oppressed black masses which the anti-apartheid system victory would represent, showing the real nature of it that’s the capitalism exploitation and class and racial oppression still ongoing.

Then like Palestine ANP shows its collaborationism with the Israel and imperialism capitalistic oppression, other leaderships and other progressive or revolutionary states of the past are showing their anti proletariat essence.

The myth of the anti-apartheid democracy and anti racism state in South Africa is falling down, under the hit of the capitalism general crisis.

South Africa Apartheid end does not mean the end of class exploitation and racism.

It gave chance for some middle classes to emerge forcing class and racial oppression of the majority of proletariat masses.


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