Chronicle of Cuba July 11th unrests: where are “los gusanos”?

The video linked at the end of this chronicle crossed the world and it is currently used by american Cubans (the real “gusanos”, the worms) propaganda from Miami to support US imperialism against Cuba, where Miami major invokes U.S.A. actions in support of the “people of Cuba”.

This page and this blog knows the U.S. supports only its imperialist interests where 62 years ago a general people revolution broke the U.S. order in the core of the Latin America area (with risks to connect to the blacks USA).

But this 48 minutes video shows a different story, that the U.S. imperialism and the Cuban-Americans “gusanos” cannot exploit it for long. The video shows a true spontaneous proletarian protest from San Antonio de Los Banos, that immediately spread to Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba and other cities.

The protest begins in front of a market state shop of San Antonio de Los Banos with not more than one hundred people. They complaint for food shortages.
The world capitalist general crisis – became harder with the 2020 pandemic – is causing poor Cuban workers are suffering for food, medicine, water and electricity shortages.
A country was in economic difficulties for the USA sanctions already before and it is more for the Tourism Industry shut down now.

Cuba workers are facing with all of this and their life reproduction condition is harder every day. While Cuba government issued a general economic reform (started in January 2021) to support the economy of its capitalistic state enterprises, it is clear who will suffer more.

Then people of San Antonio de Los Banos, badly dressed, decided to move from the front of the state market shop and to march across the little town streets. Step by step the protests grew up spontaneously. From less than one hundred they became around 3 thousands.

The video shows NO CIA infiltrations, no reactionary paid persons were leading the protest. The protest has been the leadership without leaders. Indeed, the CIA direction was acting at the American Cuban protests in Miami trying to exploit this people protest as soon as the news crossed the Caribbean Sea.

In San Antonio de Los Banos protest video you do not see any USA flag, and also the slogan against the dictatorship appears only on the youtube video description.
The clear slogans you can hear refer to “patria y vida” and against the President Dìaz-Canel decision maker of the economic reform are hitting more the poorest while the middle class stays fine.

Who mystifies the real truth of this proletarians protest – that’s totally right, for economic reasons and in defense of the poorest life conditions – he/she stands up with the Cuba Government economic reforms made for the domestic capitalistic interests.

To fight USA imperialism economic sanctions against Cuba (that is a great part of the Cuban proletarians suffering) staying at the tail of the local Cuba small capitalism interests, put itself far from the needs of Cuban workers needs and far from the poorest people of Cuba.

San Antonio do Los Banos is a town of 50 thousands people, that is not part of tourism industry and tourism gentrification circuit of Havana, Varadero, Pinar del Rio and so on. No small petit bourgeois exits in this small town which the protest hides “paladares” or room rents businesses interests.

In such tourism industry – grew up on capitalistic rules and through joint ventures with European and Chinese multinational corporates – a Cuban bourgeois staff (managers into the tourism industry and into cuba state enterprises) and a Cuban middle class grew up and these are the ruling classes that are defending and supporting the Dìaz-Canel government and its reforms against the Cuban exploited and worker masses.

Tourism Industry managers, resorts directors, hotel directors, managers of the State enterprises, rich room renters of clean Vedado neighborhood in Havana, private owned “paladares” inside the gentrified tourism circuits, Public manager of the State functions (in the public trade/import/export, schools system, health care) took the streets this past Saturday July 17th in Havana in defense of the so-called “revolution” against “counter revolutionaries” and “CIA paid criminals” of the past Sunday July 11th. Those marched on 17th and leaded by “committees in defense of the revolution” do not represent any more the compromise between the track of the development of an independent economy within working people interest (and especially the poorest of the cities and rural villages).

The social soul of that past Cuba that inspired Ernest Hemingway, gave hope of freedom from the exploitation for the blacks in the United States and for the indigenous people of all Latin America (that so much scared the United States) is broke up by the impersonal movement of the capitalistic rules. No a still alive “El Che”, “Fidel” or “Camilo Cienfuegos” would be able to dominate the inexorable course of capitalism when it faces with a general world crack.

They “committees”, the PCC and State fully represent now the growing of capitalistic needs of the small Cuba enterprise and they are running far away from the sentiment of the workers especially far from the poorest proletarians of the cities and of the rural villages.

Then the terms are reversed from those the “socialist Cuba” narrative propose. The two dates and the two opposite squares show divergent class interests amid the general capitalistic crisis.

The 11th July protest is not yet a proletariat of Cuba revolutionary momentum. But it is a proletarian protest to stay beside for a prospective and the forecast of a class general rise up.

The 17th July “pro government” marches are soaked of capitalistic interests of the ruling classes hidden under the veil of a false “revolutionary” flag: the “los gusanos” and the worms capitalists are here and in Miami.


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