There is only one part of the fence …

Against the mass capitalist compulsory vaccination.

On the side of women subjected to the double oppression of gender and class and the commodified alienation of their bodies, the revolutionaries support the claim for autonomy of dispossessed female bodies that proudly praises the shout of freedom
I am mine! .
And they support it
without any
hesitation, even though it is possible to conquer true freedom by
abolishing the capitatalistic present
state of things

Original Italian text is here

When during the summer of 2019 following the already seen student mobilization in Hong Kong the belly of the square suddenly swelled with a humanity devoid of any class identity consciousness, this blog (which still did not even exist in the imagination of its author) he felt that a certain pattern of analysis no longer fit. It is no longer able to explain the social and sudden phenomena that typical scheme based on geopolitical analyzes or on the formal self-representation of what emerges from the deep underground of capitalist relations.

In 2017 my job as a computer programmer took me several times to Hong Kong for a few continuous weeks, sniffing the smells (not the perfumes) of the chilling financial metropolis, while with a punch in the stomach I wondered why a riot does not break out that ignites this sewer of financial ideal realized on earth?

Then I wrote in summer 2019:

Hong Kong is a city of just over 1000 Km2, but the inhabited area is really concentrated in a small space between the north of Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula for about a few hundred Km2. This makes Hong Kong one of the cities with an asphyxiating population density: from the average on the total territory calculated at 6500 inhabitants per Km2, the island of Hong Kong has a density of about 20,000 inhabitants per Km2, while some districts of the peninsula may vary from 35 thousand to 80 thousand inhabitants per Km2.

The city sprawls in height with huge, hundreds of floors high but completely crumbling and smelly skyscrapers standing alongside modern 50-story financial and building skyscrapers with seamless luxury apartments inside. The average size of the apartment is 12sqm, many of them do not have a bathroom or running water. The cost of renting is exorbitant. In recent years, yet another financial bubble that has had consequences on the real estate market has further increased the cost of rents. An average employee in the financial sector pays around € 850 per month for a 12m2 cage. While more families or families of 8 or 10 people live in the same conditions if not worse.

Walking through the streets of Hong Kong, Engels’ “condition of the English working class” comes to mind when he talks about the housing conditions of English and Irish workers. With the difference that in 19th century London the proletariat already lived in unhealthy districts and neighborhoods on the outskirts. In Hong Kong poverty and luxury are contiguous and are separated by a few tens of meters from each other. Along any central thoroughfare in Hong Kong, 50 or 80-story buildings whose stair and entrance width is just 90cm, find here and there modern buildings for the rich. The stench, together with a suffocating heat, invades the streets. The glitter of luxury and the reflection of the power of finance that opens onto the sidewalks and streets of the city, piercing the continuity of dilapidated housing hovels, small crumbling shops and brothel clubs with Chinese, Filipino and Thai prostitutes, instill a psychological sensation of submission.

People live on the street continuously due to the scarcity of housing and living spaces. People eat their meals sitting on the few benches along the sidewalks or on the stairs of the buildings. It is a continuous stop on the streets day and night. As day and night, the shopping centers are always crowded with the scions of the upper middle class. The cinemas are also open in the morning.

That belly devoid of class identity found its first outlet in those days of July and August in Hong Kong. Which then followed the months of the time of the coronavirus and on the home page of the blog that arose out of instinct, it is stated in his presentation that we are facing a general crisis for which the classic model of the last century is no longer able to reflect the unprecedented and sudden social outbursts in the light of programs, political directions and formal theories, because these social events overflow from the crust of the earth moved by deep earth tremors without consciousness, and we can reflect them by following the track and trajectory of the masses actions as long as and until the seismic thrust offers energy to the motion and we cannot understand looking for programs of intentions already formalized that transiently emerge immediately.

At the time of the coronavirus and in the days of the acceleration of the general crisis of capitalism, contradictions explode quickly and there is no time to reconstruct or reaffirm the revolutionary theory that we inherit from the trend of capitalism of its previous and ascending phase . It is a matter of courageously accompanying events, feeling like we are rioters, encouraging, taking sides even if we do not yet have the clarity of everything and a clear vision of the horizon.. The hands of history seem to have gone back in time, re-editing scenarios that we believed were overcome when we believed to be “defeated”. But the speed with which the set of social relations determined by capitalism are loudly creaking is overcoming the sound barrier and beyond ….

This blog has already written since its inception a critical vision on the digital economy in the current phase and the capitalist model of this new phase based on the internet of things, on data centers, on the cloud, bid data, smart working and on the defect catastrophic entropy of contemporary hyper-technological innovation. And then a radical and sharp criticism setting the complex of government policy based on the establishment of the state of emer g ence to counter the pandemic. A criticism that has continuously expressed itself against the containment measures(the lockdowns) up to the current mass capitalist vaccination campaign. Without ever conceding to a non-existence of the virus and the real pathogenic epidemic problem, because if this epidemic turns into a tragedy it is because a very different social pandemic was already underway (attacking the overall conditions of the reproduction of social life and nature) and now it worsens by imposing a commensurate acceleration of the attempt at an ever more authoritarian management of all the contradictions that this profound and historical crisis of capitalism produces as a determining factor in the forms of politics.

Now is not the time given, stay rant theoretically (to write a treatise or a pamphlet) on science and anti-science , or the capitalist essence of the vaccination mass anticovid which is responsive to preserve authoritarian rule of capital, the maximum realization of the real social dictatorship of capitalism over the whole of society through its state which represents its general and overall interests.

Reasoning whether the vaccine is still useful because there is a part of objective science to support it (a part!), Is not the approach of communism as a real movement that abolishes the present state of things.

Here, by dint of referring to the objectivity of bourgeois science , whose objective content does not go unnoticed in the abstract, the “objective communists” contest, we behave with the same criterion for which the anti-abortionist Catholic reports the scientific – true– proof that life exists. biological in the embryo to justify the ethical and moral judgment against abortion. Ethical and moral judgment that substantiates capitalist patriarchy, which through gender oppression, assigns to women the role subject to the function of capitalist social reproduction and the patriarchal property of capitalist homo over woman, which expropriates her from the autonomy of her body commodified and alienated within the overall capital relations.

The communist here does not oppose a counterscience, nor does he bow to the scientific evidence that the biological life of the embryo exists even if devoid of conscience. It does not oppose another ethical or moral judgment on the non-value of unconscious biological life, but applies a revolutionary critical theory against capital relations and against the gender oppression that is a determined part of it, ignoring objective scientific truths from top to bottom , ethical and moral.

And so it is, vice versa and on the contrary, who puts in the foreground, “ well and we don’t want to deny that a virus is circulating and people are dying? Do we not want to deny that, even if it is not the definitive solution to the capitalist pandemic, in any case there is evidence that fewer old people have died since vaccinated? Do we not want to deny that, even if it is not the definitive solution to the capitalist pandemic, in any case there is evidence that fewer old people have died since vaccinated? “. Then it goes straight into the moral and ethical judgment of the anti-abortion priest who it claims the primacy of life which strengthens the oppressive relationship of capitalist patriarchy and gender oppression tout court. They (“the objective communists”) exclaim: ” there is a sense of social community that should prevail over and against the claim of reactionary individual freedom of the no vax“. And they do so by positioning themselves in an acquiring way to the community alienated from capitalist domination, obeying its vaccine order imposed by its state. Against the reactionary and antisocial substance of state authoritarianism, this blog claims the opposing and antagonistic self-historical activity of the proletariat is not at the orders of his majesty the kapital, and through the first material manifestations of this concrete opposition, through the action, between ebbs and flows, we are forced to prefigure new forms of social self-organization, treatment and prevention health care. We will therefore not give a damn if the statistical evidence that the Chinese lockdown is true and it worked, as if that of the Conte government (albeit untimely) mitigated the damage, because those truths, they are not neutral and through submission to those measures proletarian life is increasingly mean. And we will also not give a damn about having to refute the objectivity of scientific progress existing in new vaccines (that is an experimental genetic serum), because the decisive point is the revolutionary critique of capital. If it were scientifically true, as the institutional technoscience argues, that the new vaccine mitigates the pathogenic consequences of the virus or helps to keep it under control (but there is a scientific part silenced by the real power that dominates society that challenges these postulates, advancing as much scientific evidence !), this blog withdraws from the neutral scientific debate (not because it’s stuff to be left to scientists), because, through this attitude, it wants to criticize precisely its presumed objective neutrality which leads straight to the ethical and moral judgment of the dominant ideology, expression of the real domination of capitalism.

Basically this blog is on the side of the no green pass , as it is on the side of women subjected to gender oppression (and anyone who is a victim of it), and together with them it claims the body and mine and I manage it myself! Because in the end the secular alienation and colonization of female bodies, specialized and made even more unbearable by the capitalist patriarchy, today goes even deeper into capital relations, accentuates the denial of autonomy of conscious choice of motherhood by women and according to this model of alienation of female bodies it extends the colonization of bodies to the proletarians, to the immigrant and racialized exploited, to the dominated peoples and to society as a whole, imposing on them the only care that the capital moloch allows: the capitalist vaccine otherwise the same conditions of reproduction of the already bare life are denied.

After this long-standing preamble, whose excerpted themes are taken up in several writings on this blog, the contradictions run fast and in the face of the state repression against port workers there is only one part of the barricade on which to take sides. There is no time to reconstruct or reaffirm the revolutionary theory where the communism of the last century has been reduced to the present misery of the critical theory of law and the state based on the Hegel’s phylosophy.

The place of the barricade, without any hesitation, is against the repression of the state and alongside the concrete struggle of the Trieste port workers and of the waterfront widespread across ports of workers and others who have lined up around this proletarian core!

We have no country (Noi non abbiamo patria) invites you to read these two testimonies to clear positions that this blog fully shares and supports.

English translation of this text is below

The Draghi government uncovers its true nature at the service of big capital and the ruling classes!

The democratic government of Mario Draghi, supported by almost all the parliamentary forces, as well as sponsored by the president of the republic, uncovers its true anti-proletarian face.

With an unprecedented police action, the   workers’ block in front of Trieste port against the compulsory of the green pass has been cleared. Although the protest was completely peaceful, the protesters were flooded with water cannons, tear gas and beaten with batons.

The road maintenance workers of Campania who even achieved at least the goal of the covid-test free paid by the employer in the past few days and the green pass, they found themselves faced with a sudden change of position of their company that has dismissed all the commitments made on the 15th October. Amid with the right employees struggle, the police intervened with threats to evict the protesters in this case too.

This, if it’s needed, confirms for the umpteenth time that the true dictatorship of capital and the ruling classes is hidden behind the so-called democratic institutions. Representative democracy is only a miserable screen that serves to keep the population subjugated by deluding it that the state and its institutions are the expression of all the people.

The right to march and to protest is graciously granted from above on the unique condition that the struggle does not disturbe the sacred good of the economy based on exploitation and profits and its master operator.

If this barrier is exceeded, the state and its institutions discard their kind mask and unsheathe their claws showing all the violence they are capable of in order to defend the privileges and interests of the ruling classes.

Once again, the media and press has not lacked its support to the government and its falsehoods, doing very well the job for which they are hired to denigrate and promote the criminalization of those who oppose it.

As always, the President of the Republic, former Minister of Defense of the government that promoted the bombing of the former Yugoslavia, wanted to intervene personally to denounce the violent protests, which he probably saw only him, and express his concern for the cracking of the social peace. 

It is that social peace that allows the government with impunity to carry out an incredible experiment in social discipline and control through the introduction of the mandatory green pass and the compulsory vaccination. It is that social peace that exploits our money to companies and to big capital to defend their profits, to strengthen precariousness, extend the retirement age and create impossible conditions for economic survival even for small production and commercial businesses.

The collaborative unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, have joined the chorus, and instead of expressing solidarity to the workers in the squares which would be the least thing that can be expected such unions,  they instead invited the workers to defect the struggle to do not damage the fate of the economy.

Once again SHAME for these capital supporter and mainteiners to whom only a true resurgence of proletarian struggles and mobilizations will be able to ask for an account of their servility and their collaboration with the leeches of labor.

Never as in this moment we must not give up! This affair of the obligation of the pass even to go to work, represents only a general test of what they have in mind to achieve: the right to work, to have the right of political and trade union actions, and even to be able to have social relations worthy of the name, (in short, to live), it will be granted only to those who docilely submit to the will of the state and its institutions, (of that state and of those institutions that are obsessively, how falsely, explained to be the expression of our will).

We support the struggle of the dockers and the city of Trieste, as well as that of road maintenance workers. We strengthen the mobilizations against the compulsory green pass and the mandatory vaccination, but above all we are against the authoritarian change in progress and the attempt to strengthen oppression and exploitation.

We show also to those who are convinced that this management of the pandemic serves to protect us from the virus, that it has nothing to do with protecting the health of citizens but represents a tool in the hands of the government to strengthen totalitarian control over the entire society and defend the profits of a few.

Committee against the authoritarian management of the pandemic – Naples


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