Alfredo Cospito: not guilty

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20 Dicembre 2022

Piazza del Quirinale, 41, Rome [1]. The Constitutional Court confirms the legitimacy of the State to defend itself by any means against man, the anarchist Alfredo Cospito who causes so much fear to those who defend the equal right between unequals, the private ownership of capital and the sacredness of profit.

From number 41 of Piazza del Colle the hard prison regime in Cospito is confirmed: that it remains closed in life imprisonment by the law of profit according to the civility of punishment and the harshness of 41bis.

The one who is certainly not surprised by the decision of the democratic institutional and constitutional assembly is precisely the anarchist Cospito. The newspaper “la Repubblica” scares “and now there are fears of terrorist attacks”.

Yet negligence regarding safety in the workplace is condoned, where the machinery that runs at the unbridled pace of productivity crushes the worker. From the board of directors, to the factory manager and the labor inspectorate all justified with the extenuating circumstance of serving the capital value.

Cuttlefish bones and human remains left to drown in the Mediterranean to protect the border that defends the national market: the state and its servants acquitted for not having committed the crime.

New slaves collected in trafficking and organized in the welcoming inclusion of immigrant preparation camps by NGOs financed by the State and the EU: all extenuating circumstances recognized because NGOs are at the service of the chain of large-scale distribution and the agribusiness it serves workforce at a bargain cost to compete on the world market.

Lager camps across the border are financed, the new crusaders of the sacred Western Empire are armed with sophisticated weapons capable of carrying out the intelligent massacre of poor people: all acquitted in legitimate defense of liberal democratic values.

The system of Banks and Finance grants a stranglehold credit by stripping the indebted person, man, proletarian families or entire populations of the South of the World of every asset and livelihood: all acquitted, it is the market system, of interest rates and of the exchange of value according to the rule of giving and looting.

Every shitty residue of the production of capitalist goods is dumped into the sea, sky and earth, raping the forces of nature: all absolved because it is part of the infinite productive progress.

And would the terrorist be Alfredo Cospito?

From the praetor, to the magistrate up to the Constitutional Court, everyone knows that it is not the man, the anarchist Cospito who instills fear. The hard prison regime of 41bis is sanctioned at the end of the life sentence, to send a terrorist signal to those who want to fight against the present state of things, to underline that the social prison outside the prison, which creaks under the pace of a general systemic crisis, all in all it is more bearable than the system of penalties, above all to establish that it is the “best of all possible worlds”.

Alfredo Cospito must be released precisely because he committed the deed, a demonstrative act aimed at signifying that he can no longer stand against the terrorism of the profit regime. Therefore, in self-defense, “instigated to commit a crime” by the atrocities of the economic and social system above him that determines us, even if a real uprising of the real movement that abolishes the present state of things is not given through demonstrative acts.

Alfredo Cospito, not guilty!

Notes: [1] Piazza del Quirinale, 41 is the residence of the Italian Constitutional Court, also called Piazza del Colle (Quirinale).

[2] Cospito is sentenced to life and to 4 years of hard jail regime of total isolation, named 41bis. The prisoner is denied to have any contact with other inmates, to receive letters, newspapers, visits, to send letters, with chance of limited time to stay alone in an open space outside his jail, under this prison regime. Alfredo began an hunger strike the October 22nd asking for himself and other inmates the end of the 41bis treatment

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