ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! But police is not stop killing black people!

In amid of unprecendent economic and social capitalist crisis and amid pandemic, everyone contends the primacy of profit needs, everyone fights racial injustice and racial oppression, everyone puts on first place health safety of communities against profits is considered an enemy, that is attempting the “free will”, the economic market principles and the power of the nation.

So everyone is a “domestic terrorist” and the words of law and order legitimate the killing of everyone maybe represents a vague danger for the private property, that’s the capitalist class exploitation of majority of black, brown, BIPOC and white workers.
And if this everyone is a “black”, he or she is a suspect, than hands on the gun is legitimated and shot to dead is permitted and needed.
If a black or immigrant or ispanic does not immediately stop or does not passively accept the police threats, he or she is a dangerous person not deserving any chance.

That’s the systemic racism, that’s why police shot to dead 11 times Trayford Pellerin, that’s why police shot with killing intention 7 times Jacob Blake.

Kenosha, Wisconsing is burning as fully right anger is rising a legitimate unrest for black lives self defense.

Kenosha burns under the black and multiracial youth with no reserve struggle against the racial capitalism and it is right it burns.


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