Against Biden, against Trump and against the call-up in defense of the simulacrum of the democratic state

crackles and braces from the mouth of the volcano

The reactionary mass mobilization must be opposed by being firmly rooted in class positions.  Never, I say never, never getting confused with the “anti-fascism” of the liberal-progressive bourgeoisie  – Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista.

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What we witnessed following the live broadcasts from Washington DC today 6 January 2021 may have seemed surreal or a “conspiracy for the masses”.

They are not at all.

2020, since the first days of the year, has shown us that we were entering a critical passage of the long crisis of capitalism, which is systemic, general and which at least since 2008 was digging under the ground, and which in 2020 has begun to shake the entire putrescent society of capital, right into the heart of the imperialist monster, the United States of America.

2020 began with a resurgence of star-striped flag imperialist aggression:

  • aggressive initiatives against North Korea
  • aggressive initiatives against China
  • The missile attacks on Iran
  • The ongoing aggressive initiative in the Middle East and Syria to strengthen the Israel watchdog, its allies in the area and the balkanization of Syria and the soppression of Palestine revolts
  • Attempts to subvert Venezuela and bend the whole of Latin America to Yankee rule

It was the 2020 of natural devastation in Australia and California where global warming has sparked uncontrollable bushfires.

It was the year when to this devastation of nature, caused by capitalist productivism due to the continuous accumulation of surplus value to the detriment of the natural productive forces, of the biological natual world and the exploited of the whole world, the nature responded with the virus and this next pandemy of the capitalist era.

It was the year that the leader of this world system of exploitation and oppression was shaken by an insurgent rebellion of the multiracial and mestizo proletariat against racial capitalism, slavery old and new and the internal colonialism of the exploited of all colors. .

It was the year of peasant revolts in India and of the exploited from Indonesia and Latin America.

It was the year of the international struggle of women against capitalist exploitation and against gender-based violence which is aroused and strengthened by the relations of domination of impersonal capital.

It was the year where the problem of bread and hunger also knocks on the doors of the fat West and not only in the rest of the world starved by imperialism, with the thousands of proletarians and without reserves in Milan queuing for food packages and 50 million Americans who already suffer from food insecurity today.

2021 begins with new upheavals . The governments of the masters and the needs of impersonal capital breathed a sigh of relief when the leader of global capitalist and imperialist oppression, with the start of the Biden era and the sunset of the Trump era, could have found the key to the problem. solver of the bursting contradictions of 2020, starting with the pseudo-cure of the pandemic represented by the new vaccine.

The crisis that determined 2020 is profound, systemic and unsolvable if not through the preparation of a new imperialist slaughterhouse and which also exacerbates a profound, acute and hardly reabsorbable social polarization in the normal routine of liberal and electoral democracy. What happens in the USA forces the other capitalist and imperialist powers, and the Italy of the Conte government, the masters of Confindustria and finance to proceed accordingly.

Noi non abbiamo patria joins the position of the Nucleo Comunista Internazionalista [which this blog invites you to read here ].

On January 6, 2021, we witnessed an attempt to counter-coup by the Trump party, aimed to overturn the electoral result from the square but also from the top of the state institutions. A counter coup that is against the multiracial proletariat of the United States (and against all the exploited and proletarians of the world).

Noi non abbiamo patria wants to express internationalist support for all the young black, bipoc, native and white proletarians who shook the United States with their energy, courage and struggle during the long summer and long autumn 2020. We are in support to you!

However, we want to clarify immediately to all the comrades and the brave proletarian rioters of 2020:

We have not witnessed an attempted “fascist” coup, what we have seen was an attempted democratic coup, conducted in the name of democracy and for the democracy (the only possible one) of racial and colonial capitalism , which requires an authoritarian turn of the democratic state to subdue the proletariat and the exploited of the countries dominated by imperialism.

Throughout the January 5th and 6th Biden, Harris and the Democratic Mayor of Washington DC (one of the highest black density cities in the US) have warned the “citizens” (they meant the workers of all colors) to “stay calm , to stay at home”. Because no interference from the proletarian in the streets is allowed in the ongoing and not definitively resolved tug-of-war between the “globalist” wing of star and stripes capitalism and the equally capitalist “sovereign” wing.

Relying on these Democrats, the Democratic State, the Democratic Police, the National Guard in Biden and Harris is presenting unarmed in front of the Law Enforcement of the State (whether it be in a liberal democratic or Trumpist democratic version).

The use of State Law Enforcement to expel the Trumpists who occupied the Capitol, is already in operation today to subdue the multiracial and mestizo proletariat of the United States of America, through the confirmed need to isolate, stifle and repress anarchist extremism. and communist and attack on the sacred symbols of private property that the movement for George Floyd represented. Whatever the result of the tug-of-war between the wings of capital, they share the need to strengthen the state of anti-proletarian law and order on the national level and on the level of imperialist aggression against the exploited and oppressed by Latin America, at the Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Maintaining and strengthening the political autonomy of the proletarians from the democratic state is the only way to overturn in an even more authoritarian sense of capitalist society and of its democratic institutions. To maintain independence and distance from any liberal democratic and “anti-fascist frontism” is absolutely necessary.

To see the Capitol burn again six months later the June 2020 George Floyd revolts, the temple of Western democracy desecrated again, must only encourage the “monster multiracial proletariat” in its internationalist struggle, while it is frightening governments and capitalists all over the world.

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