Antibiotics, vaccines and pandemic

The growing concerns of the subjectivities of the necessity of the capitalist mode of production. English translation of Antibiotici, vaccini e pandemia Noi non abbiamo patria What about medical progress? On January 21th an article appeared in The Economist describing a truly alarming content (and also with some chauvinistic accents towards the Asian countries). The so-called capitalist progress,Continua a leggere “Antibiotics, vaccines and pandemic”

Open the umbrellas!

Original Italian text It rains on the Arctic ice sheet of Greenland Rivers and lakes form on the Antarctic crust in Greenland. Not even a few weeks have passed when Northern Europe suffered the latest in a growing series of catastrophic storms and floods of cities and villages due to the flooding of rivers. ThousandsContinua a leggere “Open the umbrellas!”