published on April 17th 2021

La guerra alla pandemia dell’uomo capitalistico

There is a premise to be made and the reader will excuse me if it is a bit long. Because when we talk about the “war”, the objective relations produced by the overall capitalist relations of production are themselves to determine whether the proletariat can or cannot escape from participating in the war as it is, war against the virus or war between men. The consequent factors also of the power relations between the human class of the proletarian exploited and the workers of the earth, as opposed to that of the exploiter class (bent to the impersonal needs of the capitalist mode of production) outline the possibility of breaking the war at its roots. definitively, or in the impossibility of doing so, to follow the lesser evil, that is to make the war as short as possible.


Although most of us did not experience the war (but many immigrants and many exploited from Africa, North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan continue to experience it on a daily basis), historical memory tells us that during the Second World War in the evening the lights went out, a salvific curfew was implemented, people remained locked in the house in the dark or in shelters. The imperialist state, engaged in the slaughter of men and women, implemented this policy of protection of the civilian population. The men, women and children of the time considered these measures the least or the greatest possible evil to protect human lives from the consequences of the bombing of cities.

t was not possible to escape, if stopping the war is impossible, if the proletarians of all countries cannot rise up to stop it and to break the chains of imperialist militarism through proletarian force, here in the face of the bombs that continue to fall from heaven, the “wisest” choice was to follow the indications and orders of the state to protect everyone’s life.
Even more, hoping that the war could end soon, so that it could end as soon as possible was a common belief, even among the workers, that one of the imperialist fronts should prevail over the other, win the war. But if one of the two fronts drops bombs on my houses every night, if the front opposite to that of my state wins, it is very likely that he will not be tender with us, especially with us proletarians, in the immediate aftermath of the war.

This was the harsh reality of the facts, where in the impossibility of the proletarians at the front of all countries to turn their weapons against their own military commands, they huddled behind their own uniforms. The proletarians not at the front, in order to support the lesser evil or the maximum useful result, engaged in production in the factories so that the children or brothers in the trenches could receive the necessary war supplies, resist as long as possible on the lines at the front. and in case advance and maybe win. Each success in war battles was perceived as one more chance that the war could be shorter.

Behind every chauvinist and nationalist compaction of the great proletarian masses to the chariot of their own imperialism, even before an ideological or ethical choice, there is the objective reality: if the imperialist war cannot be broken by the revolt and by the proletarian revolution, then determined consequence is going to hope and to act in the direction of the lesser but necessary evil: that ours win, actively or passively support our imperialism state.

It should be added that towards the end of the second imperialist world war some but significant defections and insuburdination took place on both fronts.

In particular in the countries dominated by democratic imperialist colonialism the proletarian and exploited masses had reactions and tried to break unity with the antifascist imperialist front to fight for their independency from colonialism (Algeria, Tunisia, Iran, India and the Middle East) but those who did so were repressed and accused in the eyes of the proletarians of the dominating countries as pro-Nazis nationalist revolts inside the colonies. There were more strike hours for detailed economic issues in the Nazi Germany state than on the democratic and “sovietist” front states.

The same fate happened in 1943 to the black proletarians revolts of Detroit and New York also pointed out as pro Hitler riots and against the interests of the working class engaged in the factory and at the front for the victory of the democratic, antifascist and “sovietist” camp. Stalinism did its part in an excellent way, expressing the instinct of the white proletariat and channeling it into an active participation in the rear of the democratic imperialist front. If, by absurdity, Stalinism did not exist as an expression of the positioning of the international proletariat in the hope and participation of the lesser evil to stop the war (that is, to continue it until victory), this annihilation unfortunately already existed regardless of Stalinism. The proletariat acts and moves within objective determinations and general relations that capitalist phase consents.

Italy was the most striking example. At the falling of Mussolini’s regime important spontaneous strikes started in the factories in the North Italy, for the braid and shoes. But this spontaneous movement – due to a lack of a general disobedience to the war and of general insurrection on all the opposing war fronts – strikes were once again merged into the activation in the continuation of the war, but now behind another imperialist front of West and East, because the conditions remained unchanged. And again proletarians felt the only possible way to protect themselves from the consequences of the war inevitably remained “that ours must win and as soon as possible”, the large democratic antifascist front must win. This is the born of the myth of the Resistance and the antifascist partisan struggle, which was nothing more than a different form of the same starting attitude on how the proletariat was crushed in its useful delivery at the tail of the imperialist war.

Why did I make this long introduction? Because today the proletarians and the exploited all over the world are confronted in the same way in the current war. The war on the pandemic, we are at war against the nature.


Unlike the Second World War where both fronts were aggressive fronts and both butchers of poor human flesh (“sovietists” included), the war against the Nature has only one aggressor and there is only one attacked. The aggressor is the man and the set of capitalist relations of production to which he is subject to (both as an exploiting class and as an exploited class) and which has been plundering nature for at least two centuries, destroying the essential resource for the reproduction of life of man, of the animal, plant and microbiological world. Capitalism does not treat it for its use value but has made it a commodity to be compressed and violated as fixed capital for its accumulation of surplus value.

Nature is the attacked entity, which man has waged war against, and like every plant or animal being in the face of external aggression, it reacts: tsunamis, biblical bushfires, unexpected winter icefalls, overheating and consequent hurricanes of ever greater power, melting glaciers that can release unknown microorganisms fronzen for thousands of thousands of years ago. And finally the virus, or rather the new viruses that have emerged in the last 20 years by the tens, hundreds.

We have filled the earth’s crust and seas with the shit produced by capitalist man. While in Florida at Piney Point there has been a risk of a pollution catastrophe of the natural environment where man walks, because the phosphogypsum shit (800 million barrels full of a toxic residue and also with radioactive charges) was flooding the basins and the countryside coming out from the drains of an old mine, the capitalistic man, as a lesser evil, decided to pump away this toxic water, certainly lethal for the plant life, terrestrial and marine animals, and throw out it into the sea of ​​the Tampa Bay, then it flows into the Caribbean Sea and into the Gulf of Mexico sea.

It is these days news that the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which exploded a few years ago as a result of the double earthquake and tsunami event, the same kind of shitty water is being pumped out and thrown into the Pacific Ocean.

While our war against the nature continues unabated with solutions that cause nature piss it off even more against capitalist man, in the same way capitalism leads the war on the pandemic, the war on the Virus and just to continue its rape to the nature world.

An expert biologist could explain to us that a natural ecosystem when suddenly attacked by alien pathogenic elements puts in place counter measures. This is how it works in plant, animal and microcellular organisms. In this sense, the virus is the external pathogenic element that our organic ecosystem, carved in hard stone by millennia and centuries of peaceful interaction between man and nature, is unable to fight in a “natural ways”. 
So the humanity is part of the natural complex ecosystem, but with the capitalistic man age we are moving far from this natural ecosystem. And from the point of view of the sudden and undeclared war of aggression of the capitalist man against nature, for the nature we are the external pathogenic element to be contrasted with the harsh possible countermeasures and in the case even to suppress the pathogenic humanity.

The Sars-Cov-2 virus is only the latest produced by the counter-reaction of nature that presses us to defend itself, and hundreds more – say the expert scientists – ready to make that zoonotic spillover from natural species to animal and finally to man. This reality has been already noted by capitalist science when a child in Hong Kong died for a coronavirus bat in 1997.

But the capitalist man, on pain of profound tampering with capitalist production relations, entrusts bourgeois science to put a bandaid to viruses’ causes, because it is the lesser evil, while the solution by eliminating the first cause involves disembarking this putrescent production system that is running towards a disastrous collapse . As in wars between men, instead of breaking the chains of the imperialist slaughterhouse with an uprising and insubordination of the proletarians and of the exploited of all countries, the diktat was to obey the general interest: curfews and lights out at night; orderly, productive in the factories, because supporting the war and winning it was the way, the lesser evil, to make it shorter and in the general interest of all.

What does it matter if the factories produced bombs, cannons, bullets and grenades if this then serves to shorten the war years, thus limiting its consequences in terms of human lives and poverty?

For years, hundreds of thousands of farmed chickens and turkeys have been slaughtered at the Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Lazio Italy regions.

Certainly the avian viruses encoded in H7N7, H5N8, H5 differ from coronaviruses originally present in bats, which are notoriously not a bird but a mammal. But those same so-called avian viruses have been able to trigger the spillover in humans especially in recent years in Latin America and Asia many times.

Certainly the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu pandemic virus made the spillover to man from a Kentucky cattle or pig farm in the United States. But it must be said that at the end of the 19th century there was the greatest bovine pandemic that completely transformed Africa from South Africa to Eritrea. Laura Spinney explains the direct connection between that viral bovine plague and then the Spanish Flu.

No bourgeois science intends to study all of this because the needs of capitalist accumulation to rape nature and the animal world in capitalist farms do not allow it. He prepares what is presented to breeders as the lesser evil in the general interest (his majesty’s capital and his profit) and every year from the regions listed above hundreds of thousands of breeding birds are killed (300,000 in Italy alone). No scientist seriously studies this phenomenon, whether these avian viruses are transmitted from wild birds to chickens, through water or otherwise. If infected chickens were backyard chickens, a wild bird poop could always end up in their heads. But what about the hundreds of thousands of chickens and hens are locked up in their cages and sheds? And above all, how does the transmission of avian viruses occur from one intensive poultry farm to another 20 km away? For a top bounce poop?

These farms are all located near stagnant reservoirs that could act as a vector for transmission of the virus. Are these already infected with the usual poop from above or is it the same chicken that drinks that water and then its feces by the tons are poured into that same basin to set off a domino reaction?

There is no scientific study and veterinary medicine with adequate resources in the field that seriously investigates. Capitalism entrusts the same measures now offered to men in check by the bat virus as a cure for chickens and as a war on the virus attacking chickens. Every year the veterinary units are entrusted with the tools to sample farmed birds. If an outbreak of some HNxx virus is identified, in addition to the slaughter, confinement areas are prepared between the company and the company. However, we know that chicken X of company X will never be able to come into contact with chicken Y locked in its cage inside company Y, but the virus also arrives inside production unit Y.

In order not to get sick and save their skin, chickens would have to turn around, break their cages and refuse to be raped for profit.

But chickens aren’t men and then who doesn’t like a fat chicken leg full of the worst antibiotics? The lesser evil for the chickens is also the lesser evil for the capitalist man (exploiters and exploited) with one difference: that the men exploited by capitalism, the proletarians, again for the lesser evil, begin to resemble chickens.

Furthermore, the intensive rearing of chickens pumped with antibiotics serves to make them grow faster, cheaper and make them ready for slaughter. It not only increases productivity and the quantity of fixed capital and therefore keeps the rate of surplus value high. But the unit price of the chicken commodity is lower, because the amount of social work required to make it beautiful and ready is less. In the postwar period, chicken was delicious meat, but the proletarians ate horse meat very often, chicken rarely. Now if we are going to feed on those chicken legs every day (if this unsustainable food didn’t kill us first), surely our wages go down, because the amount of social labor needed to reproduce the workforce goes down.

This is a very clear concept in Marx. Certainly the competition between the occupied proletarians and the industrial reserve unoccupied workers army tends to lower the average wage. But with how much social work the proletarian mouths and the mouths of direct land workers and laborers are fed are the long-term factors that determine the compression of the workers’ wages. Marx notes that the extensive expansion of potato cultivation between 1770 and 1860 was one of the long-term factors caused long term of wages compression. The poor and easy to cultivate cheaper tuber, most than cereals and vegetables, became the staple food for the new proletarians and peasants still enslaved by large estates or feudalism in Russia.

So it is in the logic and in the impersonal laws of a mode of production that is in itself anarchic that the aviation viruses will continue to represent an explosive potential for other pandemics and with the causes of it, the average proletarian wages will also be compressed.

But the chicken is very popular. This is told by the facts that at least 40 million Americans in the United States feed their proletarian mouths with $ 1 menus from the various KFCs, Tacos, Burger Kind and McDonalds. And it must be added that these industrial chains directly or financially appropriate very large agricultural areas and intensive farming of chickens, turkeys, pigs and cattle. The competition between them pushes the direct workers of the land to produce under production cost. And then the wages of the workers there are incredible low, and for workers here who are at the end of this overall process of capitalist accumulation (the workers of these chains) receive the worst hourly wages well below the limit set by the federal laws of the United States of America of 7.25$: it is around 5$ per hour.

All of this is a daily continuous rape of animals, fields, streams, rivers and lakes, seas and fish. 

The earth is raped by digging into the rock to extract the rare metals and minerals indispensable to the “green new deal economy” and the digital industry. But this digging brings hundreds of tons of rock with the unstable atomic charge out into the environment to make 1 kg of lithium.

The nature around is angry and reacts.

Today there is a world proletariat capable or with the strength to face all the links in the chain up to its last link when it has to confront itself into the war against the pandemic which means breaking the capitalist war on nature?

Let’s be honest. The war on the pandemic set up by States and Governments according to the impersonal needs of capitalist accumulation has been able to put a stop to a first moment of criticism of the system represented by the various strikes on the climate change movement in North America and north Europe.

In the United States, and it is no coincidence, the initiatives have involved workers, certainly with many limits. But there things are more evident that we are headed for catastrophe and something should be done. Conversely, the most faithful to the academic line of Marxism have on the one hand pontificated with their nasal little voices “that the origin of evils is capitalism!”

Thanks the fuck, allow me! I believe that those who mobilized this self-evident evidence had it clear. But they did not have and does not currently have the ability to outline a strategy of struggle beyond the rotten rituals, precisely because the mobilization has concerned ultra-minority sectors of the proletariat masses.

The same plugged-nosed Marxist academics here and there, really swollen with opportunism nurtured by cycles of fat cows, and they have glanced at the present and temporary submission of the majority of the proletariat, which prefers to settle for 1$ menus. So such “leftist” and “marxist” – in spite of itself – stays to the capitalist tail in continuing its endless war on nature. 

How did they “stays at the ruling classes tail”? 

Because while they are not able to reproduce their anachronistic horizon looking at the past, they have generically accused those mobilizations of being “petty bourgeois” instead of glimpsing timid glimmers of desertion from the capitalism war against the nature. They also have concentrated on describing the unwitting Greta in the paid of certain powerful financial multinationals. That’s all their activity.


All governments, including China, in the face of the rumblings have minimized, our state has a supreme healthcare system, criticized the health care cassandras alarming for the killing disease, like this the Italy Minister Speranza for the Healthcare did during all January and February 2020; the Italian Prime Minister Conte, Di Maio, Salvini and Zingaretti and all lawmakers from left to right did the same.

The Bergamo capitalist owners made a video to reassure their European partners: “Bergamo is running”, while the virus was killing hundreds people every day.

Chinese doctor Li Wenliang ophthalmologist while receiving news from his colleagues of a growing number of strange and deadly lung diseases throughout the month of December, the Wuhan and Hubei authorities preached calm and forbade the doctors of the pulmonology wards to wear the masks to avoid creating undue panic. 

They already imagined either a SARS epidemic or an unknown coronavirus family virus. 
It took Munch’s scream of Dr. Li, nurses, frontline doctors, and health care China workers for governments to take the situation seriously.

The Western governments at this point aware of the real facts, at least from 11th January have continued to minimize, here we will have zero cases, with the masters of steam rubbing their hands for the total lockdown of all the productions of the Chinese competitor: the production of Chinese components will pass into our hands.

It took a second Munch’ scream from the Italy hospitals of Lombardy and Veneto. A scream full of anger: just stop the capitalist carousel, people’s health comes before the economy.

In this scream there is all the instinctive need to stop the economy which is a total war on nature.

A crack has temporarily opened in the supremacy of capitalism which tells that the development of capitalist accumulation extends life, cures diseases, in short, capitalism and human health are perfectly compatible.

It must be admitted that this ridge was quickly reabsorbed. The scream remained isolated to health workers. It was not taken up by other workers through an immediate mobilization in support. 

Some spontaneous strikes in some metalworking factories and logistics warehouses happened and even a general strike was threaten, but then it ha been withdrawn. These strikes noted that there were many flaws behind the obligation to close production activities. So these strikes – not generalized – remained focused on minimize health risks inside the workplace. This attitude still had a potentiality of an antagonist battle against the capitalism that’s not compatible with the human being health and safety.

Something similar happened in US with many essential workers protests claiming into the logistic hubs and into the GIG chains health security protocols.

But in the impossibility of the generalization of these initial strikes, the guidelines of the government (of the power of the economy) were accepted from factories to logistics. That potentiality of the ridge vanished.

In essence, the workers accepted the harsh necessity that capitalist production had to continue, asking the government for better prevention and health protocols to be protected in the workplace. 

Some production activities have stopped due to the decision of the big auto companies themselves which, in addition to suffering for years from an asphyxiated world market, were now lacking supplies of Chinese automotive components. The strategic activities that could not have stopped have been listed, first of all the arms and military industry that never has been suspended.

But many companies deemed non-productive have nevertheless continued their activities because in one way or another they were part of a strategic sector of production.

As in war and as during the bombings, strict rules were drawn up, one stays at home unless one is involved in production in the factory or in the warehouses. In fact, only the shops have been closed, leaving the tobacconists open, because you have never seen that a heavy smoker after a week without cigarettes can go out of his head and unload his anger against a police car.

Those who carried out the effort in without contract jobs in bars and restaurants risked death from starvation. State spending vouchers disappeared immediately and if it had not been for the cooperation from below in the proletarian neighborhoods, people would have died of starvation and starvation.

Most of the contract workers have benefited from the CIG checks. But in many cases, due to the widespread social precariousness, those contracts have been made as part time at 16 or 20 hours a week while the rest paid by “cash” and out of the envelope, so the CIG check received was just over 100 euros per month based on part time contract terms.

They were mainly immigrants who suffered, but also many young Italian proletarians. 

In short, the proletariat has adapted according to the criterion that we can save our skin by following slavishly the needs of the economy and the directives of the government that are to protect the general interest, there are no other possible ways.

Governments, having recovered from their initial disarray and after having stifled the initial Munch’s scream in its throats, then they have refined their strategies according to the impersonal necessity of capitalism.

They set up puppet scientific committees making them appear as the entity that suggested government action (but the action was determined elsewhere and by other forces) and inaugurated the season of DPCM: “Decreti Produci Consuma Muori” (acts produce, consume and die). At the end of May, June and July there was a sigh of relief. The global pandemic is in retreat.

A ridiculous thing looking at USA, Mexico, Brazil and India where in the same months the daily number of new positives and deaths were continuously increasing dramatically.

Really “reassuring surveillance” criteria for the pandemic and about the actions to be taken based on the thresholds of free beds in the intensive care rooms have been drawn up. Today a more objective method is used based on the percentage of new cases per population number of inhabitants: you can belong to a region yellow, orange and red sticker, with its different lockdown policy. But in each of these all strictly aligned to produce for the economy, for capital, for profit.

In September, with the reopening of schools, factories, with the crowding of public transport for those who have to go to work, there was a cold shower. The pandemic was no longer localized in some regions but equally distributed throughout the national territory. Virtuous Germany with its super-health system has had twice the daily death toll for a long time compared with Italy death toll.

Faced with the evidence of the failure of capitalist man to push back the pandemic, at most more security protocols have been invoked and we have adapted to the new lockdowns as the lesser evil.

Even in the few struggles that have arisen subsequently, these have lost their vigor, adapting to compliance with emergency health measures.

In essence, the proletariat has not been able to face the real problems that this pandemic places in front of the humanity, and the exploited class has inevitably chosen the lesser evil, that is, the defense of health according to the compatibility of his majesty capital and his continuous war of aggression of nature.


Let’s rely on (bourgeois) science this is the false motto. Capitalism does not rely on bourgeois science, rather it commands it to put bandaid on the damage that the capitalist mode of production inevitably produces without the capitalist process being compromised.

But in those months and up to these days people wanted to believe that the strategies for the defense of public health were those suggested by self-styled scientific impartiality. 

In reality, the politics of governance has always been in the hands of the impersonal needs of the production of value and capitalist accumulation, and bourgeois science has never had a voice in the matter and only played the role of the servant-messenger.

The pandemic policy does not require a sinister strategy, but it requires attention so that the home front does not fall apart, insubordination and desertions from the ongoing war do not happen.

While the trade union movements continued their ordinary battles, these took behaviour of mote respectful alignment of emergency health measures made by governments, considered in their essence right and inevitables.

Governments, on the other hand, have in different ways carried out an action – supported by the press and bourgeois science – against any discordant or skeptical voice about the real needed measures and actions that were never planned and which should have been implemented.

William P. Barr former United States General Attorney, a sort of super minister of justice and interior, lucidly anti-proletarian man, made it clear in May 2020 about who should and who governs pandemic strategies: instead of policy management assignment to bourgeois complacent scientific committees; the pandemic policy management and decisions must be in the hands of the federal police force and the of police departments.

Strong, simple and clear to those who still say we leave the word and the anti pandemic strategy into the science hands.

Throughout the Pandemic, the bourgeois science has always played a marginal role.

The reason for William P. Barr’s frankness lay in the lucid prediction that keeping the home front aligned in the ranks would not be easy, because in the US the pandemic was not only decimating along the lines of class, but also along the lines of oppression of race, color and gender.

It is for the same concern that the Draghi government has subtracted the operational management of the health emergency policy out from the Civil Protection and assigned it to Italian Army General Figliuolo, the man who counts in his military career the command of the NATO occupation troops in Kosovo, then Italian occupation troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.


The most exceptional, unprecedented, extensive and mass phenomenon of desertion from war against the nature, the insubordination action to the general (capitalist) interest violating the emergency rules and policings has been the uprising led by young black proletarians, with mass participation of the Latin proletarians, of the natives and of a young white proletariat traitor of its membership in the white supremacist society, which has given itself in the name of George Floyd.

Blacks died of covid more than others for the same reasons that blacks continue to be doubly oppressed and killed by the police, discriminated against by whites: the racialized capitalism, systemic racism, which is not a peculiarity of the US only but it is at the foundation of its structure of capitalist production relations.

In the revolt of this mestizo proletariat there was no “responsible” and “in the general interest” attitude to postpone the fight to the systemic racism to the victorious war against the pandemic. They did not let themselves to be fooled that it was “inadvisable” to take to the streets and cities in mass revolt, because of the pandemic and in the interest of the health of their communities.

After all, the failure of the health emergency strategies were under everyone’s eye, it was evident in New York where the Democratic Governor Cuomo was in open controversy with Trump. Even in New York, black and Latino ghettos were dying six times more than in white neighborhoods or middle-class suburbs of any color.

During the mobilization that involved more than 25 million black, Latino, indigenous and white proletarians, there was no lack of respect to the “responsibility” and to the “general interests” for the war on pandemic and then staying at home.

During a huge protest that passed along the Brooklyn Bridge, then from the southeastern neighborhoods of New York to downtown Manhattan, a young white girl is stopped by a television journalist who asked her: “Are you not afraid of the covid?” . She replied “fighting the racism that kills blacks is more important than covid, it is a valid reason to take risks”.

The untold message was:
we refuse to don’t fight against systemic racism because you are fighting your war on nature and through this war you are killing our people even more.

This is the implicit message of the revolt of the black and mestizo proletariat that has given itself in the name of George Floyd.

There have been other defections more directly directed against failures of lockdowns to protect people’s health and which have only plunged that widespread precarious metropolitan proletariat into the blackest misery.

On October 23 in Naples against the announced lockdown and the consequent impossibility of finding the fatigue in under contract job market, the Neapolitan proletarian “mother’s fuckers” unloaded all their right anger against everything that was the blue of the police and the black of the carabinieri. A real revolt of young proletarians without reservations who will never perceive the CIG checks or other forms of support, because they do not have regular job contracts.

Small compared to the extent of the spontaneous revolt of the Neapolitan proletarian uaglió, but significant were the destruction of the luxury shops in Turin. Really young, many of them children of immigrants, who came from the desolate neighborhoods of the suburbs degraded by deindustrialization, they picked up the Neapolitan signal and discharged their anger against those who continue to enrich themselves and enjoy their wealth, while the young proletarian must be loyal to the general interest of the war on the pandemic but without even the possibility of accessing a precarious job.

Similar episodes were repeated for two days (24th and 25th January 2021) in Eindhoven where young proletarians destroyed the security cameras from street lamps and looted shopping centers as a form of protest against the new restrictions for health curfews.

In Brussels (January 31th), where Belgium is the country with the highest death rate from covid in relation to its population, 2000 young people take to the streets against the lockdown and the police make 400 arrests.

Budapest, on the same day of January 31th, the police forcefully dispersed a demonstration by hotel workers calling for civil disobedience and a rethinking of the lockdown measures. 
Vienna, Austria, 5,000 young people take to the streets against the lockdown.

On all these events the agent core element was precisely that metropolitan youth proletariat without any reserve, precarious or with the possibility of occasional jobs. In Budapest, a category of workers thrown to the pavement due to the closure of the activities where they are employed. These days in Montreal where young people are defying the covid curfew.

Each event of insubordination has been described in the same way that the blacks in revolt of 1943 were labeled to isolate them.

There is no longer Hitler, but the characterizations used have had the same refrain: petty criminals, poor soldiers of the Camorra, fascists, neo-Nazis, right-wing stadium hooligans.

Stuff from which the proletariat crushed and subjugated by the “produce, consume, die” acts (DPCM) must keep far.

While a new youth proletarian monster tries to throw its gauntlet to the uselessness of the war on the pandemic, because it is functional to the continuation of the relentless war on nature, the most guaranteed part of the proletariat continues to choose the lesser evil: let’s do this to the end the dirty war hoping that capitalism will soon bring out its secret and ultimate weapon. The point is that the secret weapon exists, but it is far from to be definitive and effective.


We need to be clear on this point. This blog is aware how the new pharmacology industry is important for the global capitalist accumulation of value and its power as part of the capitalistic system structure.

But this blog does not consider his negative judgment on the capitalist mass vaccination for covid, because this experimentation and the use of the decisive weapon in the war on Covid19 (the name assigned to the lung disease caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus) is functional to the corporate interests of Big Pharma.

I don’t care if Big Pharma will make even more profits by taking advantage of the huge profit opportunity that the pandemic grants it on a silver platter.

Just as it is of secondary importance whether these new vaccines will be able to reverse the pandemic or will cause harmful consequences in the medium or long term. Not even if the vaccine is able to fight all the new variants of the virus.

If these vaccines could actually accelerate herd immunity that is so badly babbled about, then mass capitalist vaccination would be useful.

The problem is that Big Pharma operates according to the overall needs of capitalism, it is dominated by it itself and not vice versa. Capitalism has no interest in an effective long-term cure for man and assigns the fastest, albeit false, solution to bourgeois science and bourgeois medical science. The important thing is to provide a quick solution that will put the labor force commodity back on its feet and return it soon to its role in the production of capitalist value. 

Bourgeois medical science has always been determined to find drug-centric and hospital-centric solutions, rather than prevention-centric about human health.

It must also noted that this self-evident observation is also a consequence of the domination of capitalism over capitalist man himself who, in the priority of contributing to production, he/she himself/herself is not interested in health care prevention.

According to the same criteria Big Pharma – as bourgeois science is called to find a bandaid to put on raped nature – has developed its new vaccines for covid19.

First point in the same Pfizer-Biontech vaccine literature it is written that the effect tested (on 40,000 people) is not to make the vaccinated people immune to the Sars-Cov-2 virus, or to prevent vaccinated people to transmit the virus to another person.

The purpose of the new vaccines is only to make the known disease covid19 less aggressive.

Cases of positivity to the virus were recorded in Pesaro and Abbiategrasso (Italy counties) nurses that were already vaccinated in January and that completed the cycle of two doses. But if the vaccine still doesn’t protect you from the virus, but at least makes the disease more manageable, then the recommended capitalist vaccination maybe is good.

In reality, the more people are vaccinated, the more people walk around without worrying about being infected and to infect. In short, the pandemic does not regress but continues to live in another form. It becomes syndemic.

It should also be considered that in recent months and around the world there are negativized persons to the virus.

It should also be considered that in recent months and around the world there are negativized persons to the virus, which after 6 months continue to suffer from strange diseases that have not been sufficiently investigated. One of these attacks the neurological system and has been called “fog in the brain“. In other cases we have inflammation of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys that do not regress. Deprecation of muscle tone and profound weakness. In the face of 3 million certified deaths worldwide, there have been more than 140 million cases of which it is not known how many suffer from these other diseases from Sars-Cov-2.

In essence, the false solution assigned to bourgeois science has not studied the virus which seems to cause many other consequences regardless of age. It has been committed to the shortest way provisional solution.

So when it is said that there is no problem if you get vaccinated and then you get the virus, the covid19 will be less aggressive, this statement is a real lie, because sars-cov-2 effects are multiple and another part of medical science is committed to study this other front of the virus consequence without the billionaires resources.

If you catch the Sars-Cov-2 virus you can get hurt in any case and the vaccine does not protect you. Then the definitive weapon against covid19 was like Mussolini’s declamations in Italy that was slamming its snout in the war declaring that only he had the secret weapon in his hand to win the war. 

Mass capitalized vaccination for covid19 is just the latest gimmick to align humanity with war and orient proletarians to actively join the vaccine demand for all as solution to stop this pandemic and the new one in the horizon.


In many countries, mass capitalist vaccination is failing, both for logistical reasons (keeping the doses in iceboxes at -70 ^ or minus -30 ^), and for the structural limits of capitalist production. 

The doses supply are lacking, they are scarce, but the number of people must be vaccinated soon is too high. Most of the millions of doses that the EU had ordered to Pfizer-Biontech or to Moderna, did not arrive. The execution of mass capitalist vaccination gets stuck [while this translation is made from the original italian writings the India situation shows it is exposed to the new covid19 variant but vaccines are not available at all – n.d.r.].

The ultimate weapon is unloaded. So much so that we switched to the Johnson & Johnson soap vaccine, put out of from the US market few days ago. 
We tried to fall back on other vaccines, which from the literature of the drug declare lower and lower coverage, at 70%, 60%, 55%. Some are approved only because they do not create the huge logistical problem of storing hundreds of millions of doses. 
The reality is that vaccine production stumbles with the limits of capitalist production. The production of a useful dose to vaccinate 10 people already requires a production process that takes 100 days.

But when we arrive at the last production step, the process gets jammed. The messenger RNA strand must be inserted into lipid nanoparticles. That is, inside little micro ball of fat.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have very limited stocks and therefore are forced to turn to third-party biotech companies that produce only these lipid nanoparticles, which themselves have limited production capacities of scale to satisfy the production of hundreds of millions or billions of doses. These companies had equipped their biotech plants for the market demand for plastic surgery of boobs, lips and cheekbones.

The illusory claim of the vaccine for all breaks with the limits of capitalist production, unless by plunging lower and lower than the worst one is available to the soap vaccine.


In the United States, more than 30% of the troop did not show up for the recall for vaccination from Covid19. In some wards and divisions, the vaccination refusal affected 80% of the troop.

The single motivations are not important, as written before, saying that it is right or not, whether it is true or not that the vaccine has negative consequences because it is created too quickly and by burning the stages of the test phases is unsafe are side considerations.

The important thing is that the troops are not responding to the Pentagon army leaders. At the moment in the US there is no obligation to vaccinate in the army, but plans are being made to introduce it.

In Italy, and I bet throughout the world, especially the Western world, a widespread number of nurses and health workers did not show up for the vaccination call. Here too the same consideration applies, that this blog does not care about the individual motivation and whether the concerns of the reluctant are justified or exaggerated.

In both cases there is the desertion of the “war front”. These nurses shirk the vaccine as the last frontier of the initial ridge based that people’s health comes before the economy.

The orders, lobbies of doctors and nurses in Italy immediately called for harsh punishment. The general unions CGIL CISL and UIL for health workers have joined this slanderous campaign against the war front dodgers.

With the Prime Ministerial Act of April 1st, the Draghi government established the mandatory by law vaccination for all health personnel and formal general collaborative Unions started to support the punishments that the orders of doctors and nurses already have in mind: dismissal, withholding salary, cancellation from the order, firing.

Also the Italian anti capitalist grassroot unions are not be able to escape away from a position with a high risk to fall down at the tail of this reactionary campaigns against the insubordinate health workers.

They say “yes to vaccines, no to the Draghi Act for mandatory vaccination”. Because beyond the incipit the opposition about the punishment of the dodgers is really weak. Because they say the opposition to the mandatory by law vaccination is because the initiative is “inappropriate” and “untimely”. The hunt for witches and dodgers is only a weapon of mass distraction to hide the real responsibilities for the health emergency, these grassroots unions say.

In reality, the first dodgers are punished to send a signal to all the proletarians, the secret weapon works and you have to please and continue to serve the economy.

The submission to the vaccine of (bourgeois) science as a solution and to the request for more vaccine for all, inevitably led these class grassroot union organizations to feel distant from those disobedient nurses from all over Italy at the time of the struggle. A few days ago they took to the streets alone in Rome, but isolated and not supported in their mobilization by grassroot unionism. 
Basically, if you trust so much in the vaccine, even the anti capitalist grassroot union organizations would seem to say: “dear fellow disobedient nurses, we are also in opposition to the Draghi act of 1 April that imposes mandatory vaccination for you, but convince yourself, get vaccinated”.

The reflection to be made is that, albeit in a different way, this fideistic trust positioning about the vaccine against covid19, it increasingly moves away workers from the needs to desert the war against nature, siding with it against capitalism. That is the repeated war that has caused the current pandemic and the future ones that lie ahead.

This is a reflection of this blog that at the moment it cannot be a different outcome. But precisely for this reason every confuse attempt to desert the vaccination opens up again the possibility that the health of the human community really comes first, the “gemeinshaft” against the capitalist mode of production that attacks the exploited and the nature at the same time. And for the same reason (not for reasons of “untimeliness”) that this blog is against any capitalist and mandatory by law mass vaccination.


So what do we say to those people are not receiving the vaccine and are claiming the vaccine against covid19 for them?

This blog applies the same reasoning it does towards disobedient nurses. The vaccine is actually not there for everyone and many are not even included in the vaccination programs: convicted in penitentiaries from all over the world; immigrants who do not have all the documents in order and therefore do not have access to public health services; immigrant farm laborers from the countryside who, together with other immigrants, do not even have already access to a covid19 screening test; robbed countries by imperialistic states.

If there are not at the moment an insufficient of vaccine doses supply, some proletarian sectors considered non-strategic will be queued or sacrificed. The same possibility to be excluded is concrete for the unemployed proletarians.

But one thing is a real mobilization that begins from the masses that claims vaccination for themselves, another thing is to make it a programmatic watchword in the absence of a real mobilization that ends up at the tail of bourgeois science in spite of itself. 

In the United States, decidedly more structured, since July 2020 they had prepared a vaccination plan based on priority criteria and according to lines extraneous to every type of racial discrimination.

There were outlined guidelines on which sectors of workers considered “strategic” would be received the priority vaccinations with respect to other workers. It is obvious that in the absence of a real and general proletarian mobilization, these programmatic approaches can end in powerlessness in the face of competition between workers.


Manon Aubry, French European Parliamentary representative, on March 4, 2021 launched her harsh accusations against Big Pharma and against the EU that has been subjected to it. And she added that to make up for lost time “it is time to liberalize patents, so that anyone who has the capacity can produce them“.

The left reformists and the so-called anti capitalist left areas have bowed to the new French heroine Joan of Arc of our times. 

The point, to stop with this nonsense and fanfare about the request for the abolition of the Big Pharma’s intellectual property of patents, it lies precisely in the Aubry’s statement which embodies the true nature of this campaign against Big Pharma:

“… anyone who has the capacity ..”.

The production of a vaccine requires a huge investment of financial capital just to prepare and plan the process, it is not done in the back shop of an expert herbalist. It requires the ability to purchase ultra-sophisticated medical scientific technologies that have huge cost. You need the necessary scientific and technic know-how and long experience to handle these technologies, you need an overprotected and aseptic laboratory system with sophisticated monitoring system against any external contamination.

In the same way, a very expensive plant is needed for the massive production and a safe logistics for the distribution of the goods produced to be shipped in millions of doses.

So who has the financial capital resources that can have these capabilities? The reality, regardless of whether Aubry is aware of or she is not, hides the very little humanitarian purposes. Which are the countries, the capitalist states that produce the vaccine for covid19? Let’s list them: United States (with the collaboration of the German Biontech), China, Russia, United Kingdom (traitor to the EU). 

Of these countries, it is the drug multinationals that are making round-the-clock profits. Which are the imperialist states that are left out of the sharing of the cake and who would like to participate in it? Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland.

And there is no country in Africa, just to say, that even having public access to the patents will never have the necessary financial capital and sophisticated technologies to produce it.

And a “small” addition to this illusionary campaign on granting patents, the patent contains a formula but does not explain at all how to do it. Faced with the liberalized patent, every country dominated by imperialism would receive a full-scale monster lego of the colosseum but without the user’s guide manual to assembly it, a huge Ikea furniture without instructions, screws, and bolts.

The countries dominated by imperialism would still be forced to buy the vaccine and without any discount by the imperialist snakes.

The campaign initiated by the Aubry in which the whole left is at the tail, including what is defined as anti capitalist, it is a contest between imperialist raiders in the most absolute way.

If someone is convinced of the vaccine of science (bourgeois), then it approaches programmatic claims of the “vaccine for all” proposed from above and in the absence of a real mobilization, and then someone adds the convinced queuing for the liberalization of patents, you end up straight in the mouth of the snakes of your own imperialism state who would also like to produce, sell and profit with his tricolor italic vaccine.



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