The Winston Boogie Smith’s assassination by an U.S. Marshals Officer

I just read about recent events and how the 32 years old black man Winston Boogie Smith found his end of live in front an U.S. Marshals officer that killed him the 3rd June around 14.02 at the Hennepin County near out from Minneapolis. His killing events are not clear, but it is sure he found the death by the U.S Marshals and Law Enforcement task force, had a warrant against him, stopped his car. His friend (I suppose a black woman) has been injured by shattered window glass broken by the shot and she maybe is still in hospital. It means the U.S. Marshals officer shot to Winston while his car window glass was still locked. I could think the officer shot immediately for some reason.

Before to archive this black man killed by the police like another and another and another black people assassination by the democratic U.S. state police department or federal officers, the events before his death are clear and full of meaning.

Who was Winston Smith? Winston was an anonymous voice like tens, hundreds or thousands rose up and forged up during the past summer George Floyd revolt. He is not a special guy on this. But looking at his story, his music and his video messages it is clear Winston was tired by bullshits behind the scenes of thousands of peaceful marches that “the justice will arrive if we do not give up to the nosense revolts“.

What is this kind of justice that bullshit producers are speaking about again, again and again?

To understand it we must go back few weeks ago during the Derek Chauvin trial. The City of Minneapolis was bordered by tens of thousands of National Guard troops called by the governor Tim Walz and the major Jacob Frey democratic party lawmakers both.

The trial was showed nationwide by all TV networks, while excited black NGO’s representatives and NAACP’s representatives were saying to the media that finally the police blue code (so the code where any officer does not reveals against another officer) was finally falling down at the trial. sigh!

During the trial, April 11st, Duante Wright has been killed by a female officer, Kim Potter, during a warrant stop. This 25 years old of honored career officer pick the handgun, thinking it was a teaser, ad shot to death Duante. It’s not time now to enter too much into this story now, but we remember how in Brooklyin Center, Minneapolis, and other cities the rebellion rose up again, but the deep black proletariat masses and BIPOC and white young proletarians were not massively into the burning streets. Some what or something was suggesting that maybe the justice is really near to come. And Derek Chauvin, as inside a comedy script already written, has been declared guilty of murder by the court, Duante’s killing is past and all “black people” can celebrate. But I saw really small group or no group of persons chanting on the street for the justice granted from above, from the democratic state. Maybe some black middle class NGO representatives did it, maybe some old black man from the hospice named NAACP leader celebrated it. I think the most of young black proletarians and young latinx, indigenous and also white proletarians still are with their dry mouths.

But we can’t forget black middle class organization leaderships (from new no profit NGOs and the obsolete NAACP collaborative both) received funds to from the white’s society to carry the new justice energy into the black neighborhoods and into the desolated ghettos. The Jacob Frey, in the name of his compatible defund the police policy, gave money to these new no profit NGOs, while the George’s family donated most of the Minneapolis Municipality’s compensation to the same black middle class organizations. So why black young proletarians would rise up, here there’s the justice offered inside a small plate of rice?

The racial capitalism founded on the systemic racism foundations, the still growing the modern Amerika plantations, cant’t stop this offensive, because a general capitalistic world is collapsing and all signs of the unprecedent revolt of the hot summer 2020 in the name of George Floyd must be erased, canceled, because the black mestizo proletarians, that are still suffering and that will still suffer for the capitalistic exploitation and the oppressions made up on the skin color lines, have to forget completely the 2020 rebellion.

Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis municipality decrees the George Floyd Square, a sacre land of an imaginary free zone from racism and racial capitalism, must be evicted. The dems say “you had the justice, lets the zone free, there’s not reason to keep a lot this mausoleum”. Because like we broke down the statues representing the slavery and the indigenous oppressions and genocides, they want to dismantle our “free zone sacred lands” now to cancel the past year history.

I guess many of black young people from the more poor neighborhoods were angry about it. I saw the last Winston’s video made few days before his death at the East 38th street and Chicago Avenue shared again on instgram by his close friend after the 3rd June: black people (but also other colors people) looking confused at the memorial area, while the memorial site was going to be bordered by workers, many of the them black middle age workers with the man at work yellow vests, black operators from the Agape Movement (a no-profit black NGO) surrounding the “free zone”, assuring young black and other colors proletarians that the free zone will remain untouched, only the “barricades” will be removed and they are properly for that.

But while at the first look the Agape Movement scope and its paid engagement would be to control that really only the barricades are removed, it was around after the 10:00 AM that resulted clear that the black workers engaged at small plate of rice dirty of blood shit money were going to clean the area and removing all memorial arts. While grey t-shirt black guys bodyguards were the Agape Movement collaborative counter insurgency forces of the well paid black middle classes.

They used the defund democratic state and Minneapolis city policies effort funds: to pay black workers in yellow vest to do the dirty job, because they maybe lost their secured jobs for the economic crisis and for the past year pandemic, and they can’t refuse such kind of horrible job; to pay better their private bodyguard troops to disperse from the square black proletarians and of all other colors to fuck off away. Of course, everything under some Minneapolis Police Department cars staying at the border around doing the supervision of their major decree.

This is their kind of justice that the lying black middle class organizations are speaking about. This is the meaning of their “transforming street energy into community energy”, yes taking money from the white snakes, from the U.S. state and municipalities to food their already fat middle end elite black class and communities, in the name of the business private properties development inside the free and and white supremacy capitalistic market.

It is hard now to confront at the same time collaborative black middle class grassroots on the streets, and into the black poor people neighborhoods with the inconvenient that black middle age workers are passively submitted by the general economic crisis. I would not hope these snakes can also introduce divisions inside black proletarians between young and older.

But there are some “motherfuckers” around the streets, full of anger, like Winston Boogie Smith, then it is better to isolate or to delete totally such dangerous persons.

He was playing his last video few days before his death during morning hours properly at the George Floyd Square. He did not have the chance to see that the anger of youth proletariat rose up again later, maybe because it has been pushed by the news that not far from Minneapolis another black man has been shot by some officer. The information started to circulate quickly even if the name of the man has been shot was still unknown. If the East 38th street and Chicago Avenue area lost its memorial, perhaps it found again its pure essence: unrest, barricades burning, looting, confrontation with cops.

I do not know what do you think about Winston Boogie Smith, about his person, his attitude and his video messages. I live really far from the geographic area that’s the focus of such crucial events are happening almost more than one year.

I just tried to understood which kind of person he was looking at some videos (his last released on Instagram the June 4th) and listening a couple of songs. He is one of the thousands of anonymous voices that are reflecting the feeling and the needs of the new mestizo proletariat can’t live as before and as business as usual. You can agree or you can disagree with him. I personally do not have anything special disagreement within his radical messages like he did or we can see around the world from Colombia to Palestine. Perhaps I am waiting the little small unrest event happened in Naples October 23th 2020 start plowing the land since near my neighborhoods in Rome.

But Winston has been murdered scientifically by the democratic U.S. State. There is the evidence of the dynamic of events.

Winston’s death seems the had the same dynamic when the state carried its racist revenge against Michael Forrest Reinoehl the past year august 29th near Portland.

When the U.S. state killed Michael, Will Barr declared “how the shooting happened does not care, the important thing is this dangerous criminal has been removed from the streets”.
In the case of Winston assassination by the State, I do not expect Biden’s staff will say something. They will let the elite black class to muddy Winston’s short life. Don’t let them to do it.

Winston Boogie Smith assassination has been a political murder made by the U.S. state.


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