Burn churches burn

For decades we heard from liberals and democrats about two “democracy models” in regard of how different races are integrated especially in North America.

The “US model” that continued slavery of blacks through a new form, introducing “forced labor” relations to the “slavery labor” relations.

The XIII emendament is a foundation of Jim Crow laws that still feeds the racial capitalism of this so called “model” until now. The second “model” is that from enlightened democracy view of France, Great Britain (that “abolished” the legal Slave Trade in 1807 to extends forced labor regime inside the west africa colonies) and of all European countries that feed its “ethic values” to the Canada foundation. But no ethic value conforms a society, but only the impersonal capitalistic laws and structural economic needs is doing that.

Liberals say Canada “model” differently treats blacks, other people of colors and natives. Canada is not pervased by white supremacist. People of colors are “integrated” through the democracy that is not knowing racial biases. It is an “integration” that in real it is a forced and violent assimilation made by the impersonal needs and values to submit every man, every woman and every child to the needs of developing market, capitalistic values and statual institutions in support of economy forces.

The enlightened is the Bruno Bauer hegelian minding evolution and thought (1843) to stand up beside Jewish people oppressed by christianity progroms, telling to jewish to dismiss their “jewish clothes” and to fight against progroms not as jewish oppressed people but as german citizens for the foundation of the modern democratic Deutsche State.
We saw how it went then.

And we saw in these days how Canada democracy, “respecteful” and “welcoming” for blacks, browns, marrons, yellows and natives people was and it is still now.

Native people escaping from genocide of the yankee state, found a refuge in their lands inside the modern Canada state and borders.

The capitalism does not accept any people to freely continue life upon natives’ secular traditions. So while blue jackets were doing a genocide of native people from the so-called U.S. lands, red canadian jacket included the Natives but in the wake of a forced assimilation serving the capitalism labor educating their children.

The native children were kidnapped to their families (because for the “whites” a black mom is a bad mom, so also a native mom is bad), closed inside christian schools, violently educated to do not speak their language, dismiss their “inferior” traditions and accept only the “superior” scheme of values based on forced labor, profit production and christianity market based on the god capitalism.

The canadian democracy integration is a bloodhands school regime, as a part of the whole society, where the native kids not wanting to be subjected to the democratic violence assimilation have been brutilezed during their growth and many genocided and buried in mass graves.

These two “models” are two backslashes of the same unique coin: the capitalist barbarism.

Burn churches burn!


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