The systemic racism of racial capitalism also kills the young white proletarian

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17-year-old Hunter Brittain was killed by a police sergeant during a routine traffic control on the early morning of 23th June.
Young Hunter Brittain was unarmed and had no “suspicious” attitude when his truck was stopped by the police car on Arkansas 89 road.

The police sergeant, without any warning or hands-on request, shot him in the neck immediately killing him. 
Hunter had to drive his truck early in the morning to the construction site where he worked as a laborer, but who had to use his truck as a tool to perform his work. 
Throughout the night he worked on his truck which had transmission problems helped by a friend of his aged 16. 

Completing the repair was necessary in order not to lose a daily wage. 

His 16yr old friend, Jordan King, was with him in the truck at the time of the police stopped for the control and during Hunter’s killing.
When the police car forced them to stop on Arkansas 89, on a slightly steep road, the heavy vehicle was in danger of slowly sliding backwards and hitting the police car. For this reason Hunter got off the truck with a small oil tank to be placed behind the truck’s wheel and to block the sliding backwards.

At that exact moment, the Sergeant Michael David, without uttering any word or any warrant, shot the 17-year-old Hunter worker to death. Immediately after, another police patrol car arrived and threw the 16-year-old friend Jordan King and face to the ground, handcuffed and locked him in the back of the second police car for three hours.

For several days citizens and especially the young citizens boys and girls of the small county of Lonoke in Arkansas have been protesting in front of the local police district, yelling on the same slogan we have heard repeated for years from the squares of the exploited blacks in the USA, every time a young black has been killed by police brutality, which violence is the determined product of racial capitalism based on class oppression intimately linked with oppression based on color lines:

What’s extraordinary about all of this? 
Hunter Brittain in the last 5 years had grown up with his grandmother and in the land of Arkansas, between the states of Missouri and Mississippi, he had been working as a construction worker for a year but with seasonal jobs according to the needs of construction contracts. 
The “new” thing is that Hunter was not a black, he was a young white worker, that the Lonoke community and its young citizens  are expressing their anger in front of the local police district are whites. 

The 89% of the population of the small county is white and is part of that white working class of the Rust Belt that has so far lived better by virtue of the capitalist society based on the privilege of whiteness and of the white supremacy by ensuring better jobs and wages for the whites.

But this is no longer the case or it is less and less for the young and very young white proletarians.

In the video at the bottom (published by an alternative media expression of the black middle class feeling) the story of the murder of this working boy is told, correctly commenting that even if the “whites” finally begin to protest against the brutality and violence of the police, then there is hope. But for the black middle class and liberal Democrats, the hope horizon lies in police reform.

There is hope, it exists, we saw its first materializations from a deep systemic crisis of the relations of production and of all social relations, but it lives and manifests itself elsewhere not in a “police reform” hope.

Police officers kill blacks for no reason not because they are not trained!

This is not an heritage of the Far West era to be civilized by democracy.

The police and sheriffs are born in the US as an armed force to protect the main private property of the bourgeois and capitalists of the plantations: the slaves. Trained to catch them when they escape away. And then as an institution in defense of private ownership and class oppression intertwined with oppression based on the lines of skin color, it is permeated by the racist structure of capitalism, which in order to exercise its oppression and division between black exploited and to oppose against them the exploited whites, for 400 years it has settled and produced a mass social psychology across white society, where the black man, precisely because he is colored, is in any case a suspect, a dangerous man.

What is slowing changing then? That the general crisis is creaking the material basis for which white workers in the last 200 years and in the first years of the new century have defended themselves and their conditions of life and work in the wake of white supremacism, as a natural element of capitalism, as an inviolable supremacist law.

But for the new white proletarian generation this is no longer the case, they too are reduced to proletarians without any stock, forced to work as low laborers from 16 or 17 years old and without guarantees and certainties about their jobs and wages.

We saw it during the George Floyd uprising where a growing number of white proletarians joined them to the brave black youths who burned cars and police districts. In Portland, a city where the black community is only 6%, black proletarians, supported, flanked by as many white proletarians have been side by side for more than a hundred consecutive days to challenge the local police and federal troops with their bodies against systemic racism.

And here, even in the squares, in Portland or Kenosha, and latestly in Minneapolis, even the “white people” are killed during the riots by the state police forces or by the squads of white supremacy in defense of their class privilege, private property and racial structure of capitalism.

And here, if until recently only the black man was as such dangerous and suspicious, as to prompt the police officer to immediately put his hand to the handgun, without any difference to the sex of the black or the age of the black, that suddenly a very young white proletarian also becomes a suspect and a dangerous young man too.

Whatever they do in front of a policeman and even more so if they are young, the supremacist fear about the black proletarian and the white proletarian exerts an impersonal pressure on the firing policeman’s hand.

It is not a subject of reforming the police through a liberal defund, but of encouraging, following and welcoming the new mestizo proletarian monster of young people without reserve, black, Latino, indigenous, immigrant and white, of which the latter in Lonoke are experimenting these days for the first time, that being young whites and “ hard-working workers ” does not protect from the structural anti-proletarian violence of capitalism in crisis.

White young proletarians are istintively and slowing beginning to stand up beside the blacks, because there’s no security for their lives as well.

HUNTER BRITTAIN and GEORGE FLOYD both killed by racial capitalism and by the police in defense of private property and the capitalist supremacism of class society based on class oppression, on the lines of color oppression, gender oppression and the nature world robbery and looting.

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