Roma Caput Mundi? The Plague

Roma the master of the world? Again?

Yes, maybe, again possible?

But not by the hand of Roman Old Age Society.

What is if Rome becomes the center of an epidemic, which then quickly becomes a pandemic?

We already have a swine fever epidemic at home, the poor wild boars, driven from their woodland habitats by wild urbanization towards Northern Rome, are now dying in the parks and villas of the city.

For some time the boars in herds were entering the streets of the neighborhoods of the Roman suburbs. A historically degraded suburb. As the decay rapidly increased, with piles of rotting dirt in the streets, wild boars and their cubs groped in these spaces, browsing the garbage for food.
Mothers and wild boar cubs were fed with the scraps of the same goods with which man lives, they drunk our same fresh water, they breathed the same air that we breathe in the capitalist city – the ancient Urbe in the contemporary capitalistic age.

They were certainly not sick at the beginning of their migration. They began to be so when their forced coexistence with the periurban and the human urban became customary. The change in the ecosystem is too abrupt and too fast for the poor boar that has come into contact with the shit of the productive capitalist man. And now it lies in the parks of ancient Rome dying from the capitalist plague.


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