The old and new slavery

English realease of Noi non abbiamo patria

Italian original writings here

Slavery has never died out.

Capitalist industrialism development has never deleted it and has always taken advantage of it to expand the accumulation, concentration of capital and the exploitation of socially realized surplus value through the domination of the workforce. Slavery is the foundation of society and of the capitalist mode of production. If productivity and technological innovation made slave labor technically impractical (how to make humans alienated from the property of the means of production and of the result of their social labor to be subjected to the machines and to the assembly lines having chains on their feet?) in the modern factory, it has extended the regime of slavery labor and forced labor to the scale of the globalized world, to the scale of the world capitalist plantation.

And when the form of alienated labor control can be extended through the electronic bracelets tight at the ankles and wrists, not only will we have forced and slavery labor on the mass scale of the modern plantations, but we will see them alongside wage labor at the within the same automated factory or in the modern logistics industry.

Capitalism, on pain of itself, simply cannot do without slavery, forced labor, just as it cannot do without the slavery of wage labor regime. Capitalism on this basis can only reinforce oppression, division and opposition on the racist color line.

Two images far more than 150 years apart. But the exploited who flee the global capitalist plantation, which they are forced into by violence, are still hunted down with the same violence today.

Italy modern slavery plantation – against a fellow worker died these Senegales and Africans farms workers fight and strike stopping farms labor in Campobello di Mazara (TP) – Sicily


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