Communicating remotely with US black revolt legacies about the Palestine

Some of these legacies wrote 10 theses the October 26th about the Palestine and “we” as revolutionary left. Here there is this contribute link, that put questions on the open table.

I hope my ugly English can be better, but it is often not. More difficult while the ground attack made by the criminal Israel with the full West countries support is ongoing into the Gaza Strip.

The history proceeds under the push of the relationship between human being and the means of production that forges needs. This is the structural historical form defining a mode of production that makes the history, makes the states, makes the nations, cultures and the “community”. These needs transforms under a violent pressure legacies and social consciousness.

Nothing is true more than Zionism and the historical Jews people oppressions are historically different things. But it is also true that the needs of capital value accumulation of the West nations founded the Zionism and changed definitely the historical Jews issue.

I assert that the historical Jewish issue has found a solution into the ascendant time-space of Capitalism through the Zionism, that is – via the ‘nationalization of the Judaism’ – a particular form of European and Western imperialist colonialism in the Middle East. Then the legacy Judaism and the legacy of the historical Jews issue has gave way to this new form. Jews people across different social classes recognizes and can only recognizes themselves as part of the relations and needs that founded the Israel State. The ancient oppressed Jews people became from victim people to carnage people of Arabs and Palestinians in the name of the West imperialism as whole and the Jews issue serves this role now. The historical issue gave way from linking with labour movements to embrace the colonialism racist democracies.

Paradoxically, the ancient chosen people of God, has become the impersonality of the accumulation of the capitalist mode of production in which the West dominates the oppressed, racialised and proletarian peoples as a whole.

The 7th October attack was possible because the root needs that build Israel are crumbling. The unitary mode of production and the general complex of its determinate relations that goes by the name of capitalism is in the grip of a crisis of value accumulation, thus shaking the West and presenting the bill of history to Israel and the Jewish question as it stands today.

For this reason is true that “free Palestine means death to America”, but it is true because the 7th October origins from a insuppressible necessity of the exploited people living inside an open air lager to challenge the whole West imperialism order. It was not only a legitimate military action of self-defence, but a momentum of a general mass uprising. The 7th October was against all the West powers that aligned its aircraft carriers into the Mediterranean Sea.

Two necessities are confronting, the needs to defend the whole order and the needs of the exploited masses to survive that can’t find a solution into the border limits of the Historical Palestine.

The link between the George Floyd rebellion – that can’t reborn as before and like before – with the Palestinian masses uprising is properly with the crumbling motion. George Floyd revolt rose up again in Nanterre and then in Sahel, and now so terrorizing the powerful with the 7th October uprising momentum, discontinuous waves of the same process. And the Jews People is asked by the history if to follow the crumbling into the genocide of Palestinian or deny their own being forged by the role assigned to them by imperialism.

But we cannot hide to ourself that to be against the West, means also against the breeding ground that allowed the development of the proletariat into the colonialist countries and the possibilities of its class struggles and social achievements of the past. Now all this is attacked by a general crisis of the mode of production and the first strikes wave in USA are bringing the flag “saving the American dream”. It will be the crisis that shakes the muscles as happened in the third district of Minneapolis and not an action plan, a program.

We can’t prepare a programme or a “what should be done?”, because events will be unprecedent while a programme can only represent the past. But to clarify the landscape so not about the “who” but about “what which” of the revolution in motion is what is needed and finally possible.


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